BRIDGETON, NJ — For the second time, Sentencing was  postponed for the Vineland man who posed as a bounty hunter and arrested a pregnant woman while demanding money from her boyfriend in the fall of 2012.

The case against Edward Collins has been anything but ordinary. In his last appearance in late December, which was also supposed to be a sentencing, Collins unexpectedly fired his attorney, Michael P. Resavage, and attempted to withdraw his plea agreement with the Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office. 

Collins said his reason for firing Resavage was an inability to "communicate" with him. Resavage encouraged his client not to withdraw the plea, but Collins had his mind made up.

And on Friday, adding to the drawn-out perplexity, the sentencing in Superior Court was postponed again because a new attorney had not been appointed to represent Collins.

Without an attorney, Collins entered the courtroom only holding a worn brown accordion file folder filled with papers and his wrists handcuffed together. 

Superior Court Judge Robert Malestein explained to Collins that because Resavage was still technically listed as his attorney, the sentencing needed to be postponed until new representation from the public defender's office was assigned to Collins. Malestein did not explain why Resavage was still listed as Collins' attorney.

"I did carry the case for sentencing for today's date, (but) it is still showing Mr. Resavage as your attorney," Malestein said. "I had my staff look into it — and the short story is, your file has been provided back to the public defender's office and (you will be) reassigned (to) a new attorney."

Collins then requested a private conversation with Assistant Prosecutor Elizabeth Vogelsong, who is representing the state in the case.

"Can I speak with Ms. Vogelsong please," Collins asked Malestein. 

"Yes, just don't talk about the merits of your case — guilt or innocence," Malestein responded.

"No, I wouldn't do that," Collins said.

Collins sat down with his accordion folder and talked to Vogelsong. It was not clear what they discussed.

According to the plea agreement, the state is recommending a sentence of six years in state prison on the charges of third-degree criminal restraint and third-degree extortion. The plea agreement also includes fourth-degree violation of probation.

Vogelsong made a motion to reschedule the sentencing to next Friday, which Malestein granted. She said she is aiming to finish the case in a timely manner.

In September 2012, Collins, wearing a badge and carrying a gun, put a pregnant woman in handcuffs and brought her to an office in Vineland, where she was kept all night without food and water. She said Collins then demanded that her boyfriend turn over $1,000 to him in order for her to be returned. 

Sentencing is now scheduled for March 7 at the Cumberland County Courthouse.