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March 17, 2014 at 2:11 pm #6081


Hi Leland and Wayne, hope that you are both well! I hope you don’t mind me posting this but I thought of a few cool ideas you could do to get more of your fans on here!

More exclusive pictures: I know that you have an official instagram and an official twitter account where you post pictures. But it might be a nice idea if you posted some recent pictures up for your fans that support you on here. I hope that makes sense!

Exclusive Videos: I know that with the new show they post lots of videos up but it would be really cool if you could post videos up on here, just saying hi you know? or telling us what your up to?

More T.shirts! : but what would be really cool is, if you had a t.shirt competition! What you could do is a get yours fans to design a t.shirt/logo design for you and then the winner gets it printed on t.shirts! because that would be so cool and really exciting :-) !!!

Live webchats: For U.S fans and Europe fans! It gets really tiring staying up until 2 am every time there is a new show live tweeting with you Leland! But we love you so we don’t mind lol! We deal with it! But it would be really cool if you could live chat with us on here!

Our profile: I don’t know if there has been one before and its dissapeared, but a place where we can edit our usernames and change our avatars? that would be good too! I know I had an account before (ms_bountyhunter) but i can’t seem to log onto it, it logs on but then there is no opetion to access my profile and the posts link to my facebook for some reason :-( I don’t know if this is the same for any other members.

I hope you don’t mind me putting these points across, i don’t mean any offence. Don’t get me wrong, your site is amazing as it is! but it would be so much cooler and better if you had some more stuff!

Please consider them, as it would be AMAZING! <3

Once again I really hope you don’t mind,

Have a great week!


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