A St. Petersburg man was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound after he tried to run over three bail bondsmen who showed up at his house Thursday evening, according to police.

Lorenzo Arscott, 24, was shot in the shoulder as he drove a Toyota Camry toward the three men at 4248 4th Avenue South.  

"A bondsman produced a gun and felt that he was in fear of his life," said Mike Puetz with St. Petersburg police.  "He fired several rounds into the windshield of the car," Puetz said.

Walter Kyles, an employee of Kyles Kwik Bail Bonds, fired the bullet that hit Arscott.  

Arscott had several warrants for his arrest on charges of possession and sale of marijuana, and failed to show up for a court date.

The suspect stopped the car after he was shot, and the bondsmen were able to secure him until police arrived.  Arscott was transported to Bayfront Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators said it appeared that Arscott saw the bondsmen approaching the house.

"He was apparently already in a vehicle and drove directly at one of the bondsmen as he tried to flee," Puetz said.

Police said bail bondsmen often get into confrontations with people they're trying to capture, but an assault with a car is out of the ordinary.

"It's not unusual for them to get into fights or tussles," Puetz said.  "It's fairly rare for something like this to take place."

Arscott was under armed guard at the hospital, and will be transferred to the Pinellas County Jail after he recovers from the gunshot wound.