SAN DIEGO - Some new video that has surfaced may mean more legal problems for the women known as the Lipstick Bounty Hunters. In the video, shot by Shavonna Sutton, her front door is broken down, and emerging from the night are the women in pink. The bounty hunters are looking for Sutton's ex-boyfriend, a gang member whose bond was revoked.

In the video, Sutton said she hasn't seen him in over a year, but the bounty hunters aren't convinced. "Where is he at?" is heard shouted several times in the video.

The bounty hunters comb the Los Angeles-area apartment, question Sutton's 7-year-old daughter, but find nothing. Sutton has filed a police report. "I feel so violated. My daughter is still scared. She can't sleep at night since they broke into our home," said Sutton.

Last month, 10News broke the story about an incident at an Arby's in Huntington Beach captured on video, where the women -- who posted it as part of an online reality show -- tried, but couldn't get their man.

San Diego attorney Dan Gilleon filed a lawsuit, alleging they put the public in danger. The women denied the allegation and countersued. Gilleon, who also represents Sutton, said this time their forced entrance was criminal.

Sutton said the women had been lurking around her home for several days. She had called local police and when the door was broken down, she was on the phone with Gilleon, who advised her to call police again and film the incident.

"They are incompetent and combine that with their ego … and you get this … a complete disaster. There's plenty of bounty hunters who have called me saying this is improper … and they're rallying behind us to get Lipstick off the streets," Gilleon said.

The bounty hunters say they can legally break in because they had statements from neighbors that the fugitive had been seen in the area. "We absolutely 100 percent did nothing wrong. If we have reasonable belief, we are allowed to go to the location … In the words of neighbors, they had 'booty calls' in which the fugitive was seen leaving during the night," said Teresa Golt, who runs the Lipstick Bounty Hunters.

"There is a gray area in the law. In the end, we believe bounty hunters just can't break into someone's residence just because they want to," said Gilleon. Sutton calls the neighbor statements lies made up by the bounty hunters so they could barge in.

"I'd like to see each and every one of them go to jail so this doesn't happen to anyone else," said Sutton. "This fugitive is a dangerous man. We are trying to protect the public and we had every right to go inside," said Golt. On Tuesday, police in Hawthorne say they'll refer the case to the city attorney's office, which will decide whether to file charges.The Lipstick Bounty Hunters say they were called in as backup by another bounty hunter.


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