Leland B. Chapman

Leland Chapman was born in the Lone star state of Texas.  At the age of 8, he and his family ventured to Colorado to team up with his father who had just been released from the penitentiary after a lengthy murder charge stint.  By the time Leland was eight his dad was released from prison and so the story began.

By the age of 12, Dad’s bounty hunting business had really begun to take off.  Leland was naturally drawn to the high octane adrenaline action and began working with his father more often.  At first, he would stand “lookout” for dad, told to whistle if he’d seen anything…like most kids, he had trouble whistling and would have to run to dad with the news.  Other times, Leland along with his brothers and sisters, would surround fugitives with high powered flashlights while dad would convince the suspect they were surrounded by the cops, they would surrender, Dad would get the bounty and the kids would get a good laugh.  On several occasions, Leland dressed as a newspaper delivery boy, requesting to talk to the man of the house, and BAM….dad had them cuffed before they knew what the hell happened.

All the activity still couldn’t keep Leland from his friends and the inner city gang influence.  He was getting deeper and deeper involved and needed to get out of Colorado bad.  By this time, dad had developed quite the reputation and accolades of a man that had successfully completed a 180 degree turn in life.  Instead of being in prison, he was sending degenerates to, or back, to prison.  A motivational speaker by the name of Tony Robbins (you may have heard the name) loved the story and began paying Dad, or “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” to speak at his conventions.

The speaking events led the Chapman family to Hawaii. Leland attributes this change of scenery and the spirit of “aloha” to saving his life.  He had been given a 2nd chance just like his father, but at a much younger age.  Surfing, boxing and Kickboxing transformed him into the laid back human he is today.  His father would soon move the family to Honolulu on the island of Oahu, because a bounty hunter needs the scumbags of big city life to grow business.

The family of 8 was living in a studio apartment in Hawaii.  Leland’s siblings had begun working in the family business too; at this point Leland was just helping here and there.  Perhaps moving back to the city was not the best decision.  He was back in trouble before he knew it, Leland had robbed a tourist.  The crime had taken place on a military base and resulted in a 5 year ban from all military bases.

Leland weighed his options and decided best to move to the big island of Hawaii and live with his father's ex-wife.  The next couple years consisted of concrete work, general construction and even working at a KMART.  It wasn’t long before dad decided to move to the Big Island as well.  His company was flourishing and opportunities were arising that did not require him to live the hustle and bustle of city life.

Leland is now 18 years old, and has a baby boy on the way….his name is Dakota.  It is now time to take the family business serious, as Leland will soon have a family of his own.  Dad was flying from island to island tracking down fugitives and “failures to appear” Leland was around to help and witness most of it.

Dog, with some help from his boys, had over 5,000 captures to this point. In 2003 Dog, Leland and Young Blood went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and were hot on the trail of Andrew Luster, a member of the FBI’s “10 Most Wanted Men” list.  This event was widely publicized and did not come without further incidence.  Bounty Hunting just happens to be illegal in Mexico, Leland, young Blood and their father paid the price.  They were back in jail themselves. Eventually released, Dog and his sons were now the most famous bounty hunters in the world.  The bust also led to Dog and the chapman family to a lucrative television deal.

The action packed bounty hunting, combined with the drama of a family run business, generated hundreds of thousands of fans.  The show has almost reached a decade of airtime after numerous contract extensions. Now, the Chapman family is entering a new era! They are on a mission to help bail bond companies across the country! Tune into "Dog and Beth: On The Hunt" on CMT very soon!

Good Luck and Aloha!

Leland Chapman Bail Bond Co, Inc.